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I was sleep deprived, all right?

Ernie and Justin!
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"They're very nice people who weren't smoking crack."
"lol" said karl, 'prettyboy', (not) living in london, (pumpkin)peter!1!, ..., @, @/+ otp, adding interests no one else has, angst, anthony for idol thanks, being an otp, being hyporitical, being in england, being in love with girlatomic, being possessive bitches, being rich, being tired, being too lame for london, bitching, boggling, boop, brent anderson as art director, bump, buying furniture online together, cake, caps lock like woah, carlos after sex, carlos barât (sexiest name ever), carlos sans pants, cocainespiffy, cookies for no reason, coxon!!!!!, crushing on annalisa, drawing stupid things, dumb lj users omg, editing-this-at-the-same-time, eight-sized!capslocked!motorbike, emo love!1!, emo poetry, emo that never ends, er, eternal background, eternal lunch, f5ing things on tin/twt, faking being clever, fuzzy!carlos, geemo, gloria </3 audioscrobbler, going to concerts, hahahahahahahahahahhahaha, harry-and-draco's-unresolved-sexual-tension, having hilarious last names, hitting on your cousin?, i ♥ meagan, i am rufus, i got your letter, i love that brain connection, i love you h0r, i love you too, i miss you, i-love-someone-friend-you, ilikepants, imaginary carla, indie boys (don't deserve it), jiffy_peaches, jules casablancas of course, junkies who get kicked outta bands, just give me head, justin's billard ball cheeks, kieran-is-hotter-than-mack-thanks, lame audio files, like whoa, like woah, lily fucking allen, lisa, llamas, lmfao!!!!, lmfao!!!!!!, lyric spam!!, making typos, mandy, meagan is cute, meagan is the trialversion, mel c, microsoft paint®, missing you like woah, mog, mulder and scully's amazing ust, national emo day, non-boyfriends, not .., not harry/draco, notre français, obsessing over the new motorcycle, oh read, omg i love you, omg!!!!!, our brain connection, our egos obviously, owning villas in italy, padma, pete/carl babyfics, pie, pie/cake, pink vinyl, pomg, post-coital carlos, prettypervy, remus' on bikes, sdafjkhsdjkfhj(coldturkey), secretly being bitches, secretly loving the qon, secretly rpging on greatestjournal, sex in photobooths (with pete), sideways threes, singing duets on aim, sitting on italian steps, sleep? no thanks!, so much ust omg, spamming-the-shit-outta-that-community, spice girls, stationary (lots of it), supreme/adsum otp forevar!!1!1, talking about inane things, talking like a molar, the holy duck was moving too, the new motorcyle, thinging thinks, ties, typos, um, uninstalling aim, wah, wannabe as ultimate popsong, we have a brain.connection, we're dumb i love.it, weirding you in, whenit'sfunnyonlytous, where are you?!!!!!, whoring our way through london, why are you walking?, wild west story (shutup), wingdings, woah/whoa, woe, wtf, you are so ernie, you gotta listen carefully, you're not stupid stupid, zig-a-zig-ahhhhh